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Since I found out that Wicked has made its way back again to Manila, all I’ve been wanting was to have a chance to watch it for my birthday. My sister, knowing how much I wanted to see the musical, did get us tickets for my 24th birthday. Ahh! I just couldn’t ask for a better birthday celebration!

The Manila season of the international tour premiered last February 2, 2017. This time around, the musical was staged at The Theatre at Solaire.

Wicked: The Untold Story of Witches of Oz is set on the land of witches, wizards, and spells. The story centers on the friendship of Elphaba, a girl who was always treated as an outcast due to her unusual green skin, and Glinda, her popular and bubbly bestfriend. For this particular tour, lead roles were played by Jacqueline Hughes and Carly Anderson respectively.

True enough, there was so much to love about this musical.

Take the cast for starters. The actors and actresses were all so adorable and funny! How I wish I could sing like them. I probably wouldn’t stop singing if I do.

I was also fascinated by the magnificent costumes of the characters. But even the stage—props and stage pieces—was magically outrageous! The musical was altogether a massive extravaganza.

Next of is the soundtrack. Among all the other musicals I’ve watched, it was the soundtrack of Wicked that got me the most. Of course, I eagerly waited for the part where Elphaba would sing the iconic song Defying Gravity. But another favorite of mine was For Good. I’ve been LSS with this song for a few days now!

Always my favorite part idk why — curtain call!

Ahh, Wicked made me feel all sorts of emotions in just a span of 2 hours. It was funny, exciting, and tear jerking all at the same time! It was a celebration of uniqueness, equality, and the importance of standing up for what you believe is right. Goosebumps all the way!

To cap off this post, let me sum up the lessons that I learned from watching Wicked.

  1. True friendship accepts each other’s differences.
  2. A strong bond of friendship can’t be easily broken by just distance or time.
  3. Friendship is about forgiveness and sacrifices.
  4. PINK goes well with GREEN. Haha!

My short day in the Emerald City was truly wonderful. I’ll definitely watch again if they happen to come back next time. And who knows, I might just be able to watch in Broadway or West End. My fingers are crossed!

I HEARD THAT THE PRODUCERS EXTENDED THE SHOW’S RUN UNTIL MARCH 19, 2017. For ticket prices, discounts, and seat availability, kindly visit Ticketworld website.

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