Makati Shangri-La

For last year’s New Year’s Eve, we decided to book an overnight stay at Makati Shangri-La. It was actually my first time here or at any Shang hotel, so my initial plan was to maximize the facilities while waiting for the countdown—use the gym, go swimming and what not. In the end, we all just ended up spending the whole day just lying down, eating, sharing stories, and binge-watching programs on the television. No regrets though! It was a much needed rest before heading back to my regular programming!

Sharing with you a few photos from our mini vacation.

Wow! Our bathroom was stocked with L’occitane toiletries!

Makati Shangri La

This was the view from our room. See those tennis courts down there? It’s open from 6am-10pm.

And ooh I love this! Different pillows available upon request!

Makati Shangri La Gym

The gym is accessible at any time of the day.

Makati Shangri La Pool Area

And this outdoor swimming pool is open from 6am-10pm.

Last year’s holiday season was a tad bit short, but good thing loved ones were there to make it sweet. Glad I was able to spend another memorable vacation with the whole fam!

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