During our stay in Osaka, we decided to go on a side trip to Kyoto for our last whole day. Aside from its fascinating history and rich culture, what I like most about the city is the variety of food that it has to offer. Indulge yourself as I give you a quick rundown of all the delicious food that was on our Kyoto food trip list.



We couldn’t get enough of yatsuhashi. Thank goodness for unlimited free taste! When unbaked, it has a soft, mochi-like texture that comes in a variety of flavors. It is usually wrapped with paste, in different flavors too. My personal favorite is the cinnamon yatsuhashi with strawberry filling and the black sesame yatsuhashi with filling of the same flavor. Tourists usually buy this for souvenir as it can be easily found at souvenir shops.


Crab Sticks

We were astounded by how huge these crab sticks were. But mind you, they are actually yummy! I couldn’t help but drool while my order was being grilled right before my eyes.


Grilled Scallops

Didn’t know that this was a scallop until I did my research! It is probably my most favorite street food among all that we’ve tried. It is pretty humongous for a scallop, right? It was also super tasty that it still haunts me up until now.



Taiyaki is a famous street food in Japan. It is a hot and freshly made fish-shaped cake with paste filling. We tried the one with the red bean paste that was made from sweetened azuki beans. It was perfect for a mid-tour snack! This, along with the other two snacks mentioned above, was purchased from three different carts on our way to Fushimi Inari-taisha. We obviously ate our way to the shrine!


On our way to Nishiki Market, our next stop for our Kyoto day trip, we found this okonomiyaki place and thought that we shouldn’t let an opportunity to try something authentic pass. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake that is made of batter with shredded cabbage and other ingredients of choice (beef, vegetables, etc.). The staff was so nice, as she helped us choose what food was good to order. She first showed us how to cook an okonomiyaki and then let us try it ourselves. Actually, that is how the locals would usually have it, they cook it by themselves.


Cheese-filled Sesame Balls

If we were in the Philippines, we would call this “buchi” — a fried Chinese pastry made of glutinous rice flour, coated with sesame seeds. We got curious as we passed by this artisan sesame shop, so we went inside to check. They sell different types of food (ice cream, sesame cube, etc.) using sesame as the main ingredient. They let us try their sesame ball with cheese filling. Man was it delicious!


Tako Tamago

Japan has a reputation of creating deliciously weird food. This one’s an octopus with quail egg inside its head. We saw this at Nishiki Market as well.



I am a self-confessed sashimi lover. No, let me correct that. I am an addict. So believe you me when I say that Nishiki Market is the best place to get your sashimi fix.


Matcha Ice Cream

What good is going to Japan without a taste of something-matcha? They’re like everywhere in every corner. This one was spotted in an artisan green tea shop on our way to Gion District.

So this likely sums up everything that we ate on our day trip to Kyoto. The city didn’t fail the foodie in me!

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