Boracay food trip

One of the highlights of my summer—our beach getaway to Boracay. Oh, my beautiful, sunny Boracay!

To be honest, we just spent half of our time there eating and the other half figuring out where to eat next. So to put all these gained calories to good use, I figured, why not do a quick review on the restaurants that we tried out? Then maybe, just maybe, it might help burn all the calories I consumed. Haha!

So here goes my quick Boracay food trip.


Location: D’Mall, Station 2

Finding it can be a bit tricky, as it’s located at the market or palengke street of D’Mall. I ordered Beef and Mushroom (P190), while Japs ordered Chili Chicken (P170). We heard the later is their best seller.

Both were yummy! Plus, we didn’t wait for too long before our orders were served. Food arrived real fast—fresh and sizzling!

They also have a branch located at Bulabog beach front (beside Freestyle Academy Kite School).


Location: D’Mall, Station 2

Funny how we stumbled upon this new restau. It was when Japs and I were braving the scorching heat of the noontime sun to find a decent place for lunch. We haven’t had our breakfast yet and so we were extra hungry. I also remember, it was super duper hot, and we were willing to eat anywhere so long as the place was air conditioned. Hence, we picked SpiceBird.

SpiceBird’s specialty is piri-piri. We ordered ¼ Piri-piri Chicken Board (P295), and it was glorious! I guess the aircon added premium to the meal experience. Haha! But kidding aside, their food is really good.


Location: Two Seasons, Station 1

Our second visit to island won’t be complete without finally trying the infamous Four-cheese Pizza and Oyster Sisig. And.. it didn’t disappoint! This has got to be the best cheese pizza I’ve ever laid my tastebuds on. I lost track counting how many times my friends and I told each other how yummy the food was! We also ordered Oyster Two-Ways and Lemon Salmon Pasta. Man, everything at Two Seasons Boracay was just so delicious!


We were also able to try out the Calamansi Muffins of Real Coffee Boracay (P320/6pcs.). To be honest, I found it too sour for my liking. Not really a fan of citrus fruits in the first place! But I love the feel of this cafe—the banig-covered counter top paired with bamboo chairs is a perfect set-up for a chill cafe by the beach.


I just also want to share what we had for our free breakfast at our hotel.

La Cozina

Looks good, doesn’t it?

La Cozina

And imagine having breakfast by the beach.. with this view. I could really get used to this!


So, there you go—a quick rundown of our recent Boracay food trip! There’s so much more we could have tried, but we had such limited time. Good thing we’re set to go back this coming November! Too early to be excited, but I already am!

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