JESSIEGIRL is an open book journal that records all the author’s cultural discoveries, food trips, adventures, misadventures, and other random (but hopefully helpful!) travel stories.


Jessie is a twenty-something writer from Manila. She first took her Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship at Entrepreneurs School of Asia, and now currently finishing her Masters Degree in Marketing Communications at De La Salle University-Manila.

On being a writer

She started writing as a hobby at a very young age, and began writing professionally in the year 2015. Since then, Jessie has been featured in various publications including Tripzilla Magazine, and worked with several advertising agencies such as Ogilivy & Mather, Skubbs Inc. Philippines, and Skubbs Pte Ltd Singapore. Currently, she is doing freelance content and copywriting projects with different brands all over the world.

On being a traveler

Jessie’s greatest influence for being a passionate traveler are her parents. Since she was young, she witnessed how the both of them worked so hard to give her and her sisters a life well traveled. Thanks to them, Jessie learned to believe that by traveling, she is opening herself to the opportunity of experiencing life to its full extent.

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